Summer Peace Gathering 2019
Wednesday August 14 - Sunday, August 18

~ The quintessential PeaceWeaver experience ~

  Participate in a loving, supportive community on the land
 and under the stars!

Plus music, drumming, learning and a whole lot of fun!

 Reconnect with your true self, your family, the Earth and all the other beautiful people who return year after year! ~

Come to the Mountain and Let Your Spirit Fly!

To register please call 607-776-4060 or email us at

Costs for this year:

Wednesday - Sunday: Adults $400; Teens $300; Kids $100 

Thursday - Sunday: Adults $325; Teens $250; Kids $75

Friday - Sunday: Adults $250; Teens $200; Kids $50

Saturday - Sunday: Adults $175, Teens $150; Kids $25 

Arrivals begin at 1:00 pm on Wednesday. Opening Ceremony at 6:00.

Rates for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for arrivals after 2 pm. 
Saturday - Sunday after 6 am.

Cost includes all meals, activities, and camping with toilet facilities.

Potable water is provided as well.

More Details on Summer Peace Gathering...

Drum Circles Live Music  Yoga

Talking Stick Circles • Meditation • Hiking & Swimming • Tibetan Sand Mandala

Kids Tent • Delicious Vegan Meals • Healing Work • Natural Building

Since 1996, we have hosted 17 Summer Peace Gatherings.

Speakers at past Gatherings include:
* Arun Gandhi, Mohandas Gandhi's Grandson, Founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
* T. Colin Campbell, Prof. Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemisty at Cornell University, Author - China Study
* Gene Baur, Co-Founder, Farm Sanctuary, Author of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts & Minds about Animals and Food
* Harold Brown, Former Beef Farmer and Founder of FarmKind

Featured Musicians at past gatherings include:

o David Darling o Frank Meyer o Paul Winter
o Wah! o Babik o Redline Zydeco o Fred Goodnight
o PeaceWeaver Jam Band, world premiere in 2010!

Featured Elders at
past gatherings include:
o Bhante Dharmawara, Cambodian Buddhist monk o Tenzin Yignyen, Tibetan Buddhist monk
o Connie & Earnest Mirabal, Hopi & Pueblo, New Mexico o Milt Weaver, Thunder Mountain
o Harriet Two Strike & Agnes White Mouse, Lakota, South Dakota
o Kunchok & Namtso, Tibetan Buddhist, Ontario
o Andy & Irene Naytowhow, Cree, Saskatchewan
o Grandpa Noah, Pacific Northwest o George Isaacs, New Jersey o Barbara & Peter Weber, New Jersey
o Jose Lucero, Pueblo, New Mexico o Nnakku Mulondo, Uganda & Ithaca, NY o Ingwe, Africa

The magnificent Arbor on Thunder Mountain. Join us for Talking Stick Circle under this magestic beauty!! Posted by Picasa
Medicine Wheel Ceremony at the Summer Peace Gathering. Posted by Picasa
The Sunflowers are bloomin' up on Thunder Mountain! Posted by Picasa